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Uncovering the Hidden Secrets of Water Vapor

Editors' Vox—

The atmosphere is a major part of the water cycle. There is much untapped potential in the use of water vapor isotopic measurements and modeling to learn about current processes in the atmosphere, as well as assessing past atmospheric circulation patterns and storm paths. A recent review article published in Reviews of Geophysics discussed methodological developments in this area. The editors asked one of the authors some questions about how this technique improves our understanding and where further research efforts are still needed...more

Editors’ Highlight—Stable isotopes in atmospheric water vapor and applications to the hydrologic cycle

This manuscript presents an up-to-date overview of stable isotopes in atmospheric water vapor, with an array of applications in studies of the hydrological cycle. Stable isotopes are gaining increasing interest in such studies, and the present study will be both an extremely useful benchmark of the state of the art in such applications, and a critical springboard for further developments, which are likely to come from novel in-situ measurements and remote sensing, as well as advanced modelling.