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What Makes Long-Runout Landslides So Mobile?

From Research Spotlights—

When earth, rocks, and debris on a slope give way, the resulting landslide can obliterate everything in its runout path. Landslides, like many geological disasters, are difficult to predict, but long-runout landslides—where a mass of earthen material travels unexpectedly lengthy horizontal distances after a comparatively short vertical fall—are especially puzzling for scientists. ...more

By Kate Wheeling, Freelance Writer

Vibrations make large landslides flow like fluid

Joint Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — A new study may finally explain why some landslides travel much greater distances than scientists would normally expect. A team of researchers used a sophisticated computer model to show that vibrations generated by large slides can cause tons of rock to flow like a fluid, enabling the rocks to rumble across vast distances.…more

-- Kate Wheeling, Freelance Writer,