The Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES) publishes research related to a wide range of problems in climate science, including atmospheric and oceanic circulations on multiple scales; radiation, cloud physics, boundary layer, and land surface processes; the biosphere and cryosphere; biogeochemical cycles; and the development of numerical methods, model parameterizations, and data assimilation methods for Earth systems modeling.

JAMES promotes interdisciplinary research, disseminates information to the global community, and informs the general public and decision makers of the science behind climate and Earth systems modeling.

Aims and Scope

JAMES is committed to advancing the science of Earth systems modeling by offering high-quality scientific research through online availability and open access licensing. JAMES invites authors and readers from the international Earth systems modeling community.

  • Open access. Articles are available free of charge for everyone with Internet access to view and download.
  • Formal peer review.
  • Supplemental material, such as code samples, images, and visualizations, is published at no additional charge.
  • No additional charge for color figures.
  • Modest page charges to cover production costs.
  • Articles published in high-quality full text PDF, HTML, and XML.
  • Internal and external reference linking, DOI registration, and forward linking via CrossRef.

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