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A synthesis of the basal thermal state of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Editors’ Highlight— This is a comprehensive review and reanalysis of a variety a data sources relating to the thermal state of the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet. This represents an important development that is of relevance to a range of current and future investigations of the state and response of.... more

Rate-weakening drag during glacier sliding

Editors’ Highlight— The manuscript reports a set of carefully-constructed hardware laboratory experiments that simulate glacier sliding, yielding interesting and novel results. Correctly specifying basal sliding in models of glacier motion is an important challenge. more

How Do Tropical Forests Slow Knickpoints in Rivers?

From Research Spotlights— Using Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Mountains as a case study, scientists use the region’s geological history to study how knickpoints—areas where there’s a sharp change in the river’s slope—move over time High up on the northeastern edge of Puerto Rico are the Luquillo Mountains,.... more

What Makes Long-Runout Landslides So Mobile?

Kate Wheeling, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— When earth, rocks, and debris on a slope give way, the resulting landslide can obliterate everything in its runout path. Landslides, like many geological disasters, are difficult to predict, but long-runout landslides—where a mass of earthen material travels unexpectedly.... more

Taking the Plunge into Waterfall Sediment Transport Modeling

Sarah Stanley, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A first-of-its-kind model describes how pools at the base of waterfalls adjust their depth to keep up with sediment flow. At the base of many waterfalls, cascading water and sediment carve basins in riverbeds known as plunge pools. Sediment that flows into a plunge.... more

Hitting the Slopes

Wudan Yan, Freelance Writer

When raindrops hit exposed soil on a hill, each individual drop has a bomb-like effect. Depending on their size and the speed at which they come into contact with the earth, raindrops can displace soil grains on impact. Detached soil particles are more likely to be carried away by runoff. In sloping.... more

Water Waves Provide Insight Into Landslides and Avalanche Models

David Shultz, Freelance Writer

The ground beneath our feet usually feels solid, but Earth’s land masses rest atop shifting tectonic plates that float on liquid magma like colossal rafts on viscous seas. The plates are constantly moving, settling, and grinding against one another, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, forming.... more

Efficiently Predicting Shallow Landslide Size and Location

David Shultz, Freelance writer

Because landslides can destroy property and reshape landscapes, scientists seek to predict when they will strike and to model their behavior. Previous work revealed that location and size are the most important characteristics that determine the impacts of shallow landslides, less than a few meters.... more

Ice-Penetrating Radar Reveals Age of Greenland Ice Sheet Layers

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

Although the Greenland Ice Sheet has been surveyed extensively since the 1960s using ice-penetrating radar, efforts to map the ice sheet’s internal structure directly have been limited. This is because tracing the internal reflections observed by radar—“layers” that indicate changes in ice composition—is.... more

Researchers Track Moving Ice Shelves to Estimate Antarctic Ice Loss

Julia Rosen, Freelance Writer

Recent studies have shown that large parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet may be imperiled by the loss of vast ice shelves that abut the continent and slow the flow of ice into the sea. These ice shelves float on seawater, which melts them from below, but this process has proved difficult to observe and.... more Earth & Space Science News

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